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Pricing models
CyberianSoft has three price contracting models: Fixed Price, Time and Material, and Dedicated Team.

Fixed Price projects
The Fixed Price contracting (FPC) model is the best to use in projects where all features can be defined and estimated exactly. The total solution cost and delivery date are determined within the agreed scope of project work. The customer may request a change in the project scope during the project implementation.

T&M projects
The Time and Materials (T&M) price contracting model is used when a scope of requirements can not be specified at the beginning of the project, or for projects where changes need to be made on a daily or weekly basis.
The customer and CyberianSoft experts agree on rough project estimation. As the project progresses, requirements for particular tasks are specified and exact task estimations are made.
In T&M models, the project is staffed by CyberianSoft on a case-by case basis. The customer pays only for the amount of hours actually worked.

Dedicated Team
The Dedicated Team price contracting model is usually employed in long-term partnerships with a considerable amount of work (e.g.: 300 hrs / month). Due to complexity, it is not desirable to replace the developer during the project.
Project scheduling and budgeting are performed similarly to the T&M model, though the monthly amount of work is kept on a certain level (e.g.: 320 man-hours per month during six months).
For staffing, it is CyberianSoft's responsibility to gather the team that satisfies the project requirements - producing the specified monthly amount of work. Contracts are signed with developers and their work time is reserved for a customer. Some developers may work full-time within the dedicated team and others may work part-time. The customer's responsibility is to keep the workload of the team at the specified level.

For your convenience, CyberianSoft accepts wire transfers to our Bank of America account, checks, or PayPal.

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