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If we provide you with any service - we want you to have a peace of mind and be sure you will get the most out of your money. We guarantee you will get the best service we can provide. And this is not just a marketing phrase. We promise to you:

  • You pay once, and only once for a service.
  • We are not done until you are trained and understand how to use our system.
  • We will come back in 30 and 90 days to give you a free "10,000 mile check up" at our expense.
  • We guarantee to put your business results and goals first, and technology second.
  • We will never bill you to get up to speed on your systems or learn your business.
  • We speak your language, not binary language.
  • If we install it or build it, it works 24/7 or we fix it free.
  • We don't take commissions, fees, or "cuts" from any software providers. Our advice is objective, and is based solely on your needs.
  • We never sell you services or products that you don't need. If you think we have, we'll buy any products or service back from you at your full cost.
  • We will be professional and have the can-do attitude at all times, even when the going gets tough.
  • We provide a complete solution to your problem, not part of a solution. We don't leave you hanging so that you need to hire other people to finish the job.
  • We will never charge more for a service than the price we quote you up front.