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Our Expertise

Many companies are still struggling to find what we give to all our clients – IT Solutions that:

  • Increase Profits and create New income sources
  • Affordable and Work
  • Preserve current IT investments and Are open to Future (Agile)

Over the years, our unique approach to building software has enabled our clients to automate their business processes for better efficiency, release high-quality new products to market and uncover new sources of income. In our development we used .NET and J2EE, SQL Server and Oracle, C++ and VB. We have built applications used by as many as 15,000 people and applications used by just a few.
We have covered a broad set of technologies. Along the way, we have developed exceptional skills in a specific few that today drive the majority of successful software solutions. Among these are:

  • Embedded Applications for Smart Devices: Embedded applications have thrived with the introduction of smart devices. During the past few years, we have seen exponential advancement in the Smart devices industry, and we know for sure that this is just the beginning. We also know that in the coming few years this advancement will shape the way we write software applications for such devices. These devices will allow users to be able to access information at their fingertips from anywhere. Thus, leveraging CyberianSoft success factors of delivering on time and working with .NET vision, giving us an advantage in developing embedded applications for smart devices.
  • Web Applications: The software industry has seen the movement from client/ server applications to web-based applications in the late '90s. This is due to tremendous improvements and advantages web applications had to offer in security, deployment, maintainability, scalability, extensibility, and reusability. Not only has the introduction of wireless technologies and XML standards helped build new web application standards, but also had a refining hand in developing web application software development processes and in the introduction of XML WebServices.
  • XML WebServices: Although the roots of web services stretch back to the early '90s, XML WebServices is a byproduct of limitations the software industry faced in the late '90s with distributed applications and cross platform blockades. The basic solution XML WebServices provides is the ability to expose services to other processes on the internet or intranet, holding steadfast to the reusable component based development process. XML Web services allow applications to share data without regard to how these applications are built. The XML standard is used to write XML WebServices that are the fundamental building blocks of application integration to be utilized reliably and securely either in the .NET framework and on non-Microsoft platforms. With XML services, developing applications for smart devices across multiple platforms becomes a reality.
  • .NET Framework: The introduction of the .NET framework is Microsoft's solution to facilitate the development and integration of software applications that consume xml WebServices and provide integral XML building blocks to integrate and connect applications together. The .NET vision is to have smart devices ultimately consuming xml WebServices in the .NET framework. The .NET Framework solves the roadblocks businesses face when trying to integrate systems with partners using XML Web services to share data. It also offers the opportunity to build reusable XML Web services instead of monumental applications; Therefore, cutting down on cost and time of building applications.

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