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Proven Practice

At CyberianSoft, we use:

Templates & Guidelines
Standardized templates are used for all types of project documents. Using templates allows creating comprehensive easy-to-read documents. Guidelines are used in the development process to assist in creating quality project deliverables. Guidelines can be cross-industry and corporate.

Formal testing & acceptance
To ensure high quality of deliverables, testing and acceptance criteria for every deliverable and project phase are established. Acceptance criteria must comply with industry and corporate guidelines.

Code reviews
In a peer review, colleagues or manager of the creator of a particular software work product examine the product to identify defects and correct possible flaws.
All interim and final development work products are candidates for review, including requirements specifications, architecture design, or source code.

Change & Configuration Management
Configuration Management is a supporting process whose purpose is to identify, define, and baseline items; control modifications and releases of those items; report and record status of the items and modification requests; ensure completeness, consistency, and correctness of the items; control storage, handling, and delivery of the items. By implementing Change and Configuration Management practices, quality of the deliverables is controlled.