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Process Development

CyberianSoft uses a well-established process based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF). We use the MSF-based methodology to better manage and control projects in development and support proper quality assurance. This model allows us to maintain communication, scope and schedule. Adopting this process methodology has been a key factor in enabling CyberianSoft to achieve its high levels of success.

Phase Activities Deliverables
  • Create a business case
  • Capture requirements
  • Scope the system
  • Design a high-level architecture
  • Identify critical risks
  • Formulate a bid which includes resources, time, equipment, staff and cost
  • Project status:
    System requirements gathered.
  • Proposal
  • SRS (Software Requirements Specifications)
  • Project Plan
  • Design
  • Create an executable architectural baseline
  • Create a detailed plan for the Implementation phase
  • Project status:
    System design defined.
  • SAD (Software Architecture Document).
    Identifies the software components and describes components design
  • Implementation
  • Coding defined software components
  • Maintain the integrity of the system architecture
  • Project status:
    System development in progress.
  • Status Reports
  • Change Requests
  • Testing
  • Develop a Test Plan
  • Perform Testing according to Test Plan
  • Correct defects
  • Project status:
    System testing in progress.
  • Test Plan
  • Test Reports
  • Deployment
  • Prepare the user's site for the new software
  • Tailor the software to operate at the user's site
  • o Create user manuals and other documentation
  • Provide customer consultancy
  • Project status:
    System deployed.
  • User manuals
  • Other user supportive documentation
  • Support
  • Monitor system performance
  • Maintain the integrity of software and hardware
  • Recommend and implement system upgrades
  • Project status:
    System operation support in progress.